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Comments by past workshop graduates:

"What can I say? I had no idea there was an alternative out there to explore, learn and experience my sexuality in a safe and honest way. Lack of intimacy/love has been painful and destructive in my life since I came out as a gay man due to upbringing and other factors. Hookups, therapy and relationships have not been able to peel away the defenses I've put up that kept the people who took advantage of my trust in the first place away. I now know I'm not alone in feeling this way. It's one step in the right direction and that works for me.

It was amazing sharing stories and connecting on a human level that is rare not just in the gay community but in our society in general. If anyone feels this way whether you're just coming out or feel you don't know how to connect with others on an intimate level, I highly recommend this workshop. You will find a non-judgmental atmosphere, like-minded people led by professionals who know what they're doing."
American Workshop Participant

"A workshop that will support you to get in touch with your intimacy, an opportunity to transcend judgements and limited perceptions about what it means to be a man. An opportunity to let go of shame & guilt around the human body and powerfully express all of who you are. To get in touch with your erotic body and create a useful relationship that can be powerfully applied in a way that creates positive results in all areas of your life."

"The weekend has resulted in my partner and I being more aware of ourselves and more open with each other than any time in our 19 years together. Can't thank you all enough."

The workshop and BE is fabulous. It is hard, nearly impossible to explain as every guy experiences different things. It is not for everyone. It is about getting into yourself. There are strict rules which create a safe, secure environment. The pressure is basically off to allow each man to experience the weekend. “

"I arrived on Friday with what I thought was an open heart and left Sunday evening with what I realise now is a truly open heart and the deepest intimate connection I have ever had with men."

“The course I experienced was of immense benefit to me. It clarified for me that on balance I was more straight than gay but the love of the men at the course opened me up to the experience of being held by men. On my return I was able for the first time to hug my best friend of 50 years. Until then I was too scared to touch even when his wife was dying and he needed my comfort. .”

“A challenging, rare experience to find intimacy within yourself and achieve personal and physical intimacy safely with a group of male strangers of all ages, shapes and personalities. A chance to share what it is to be a man, and learn something new about yourself.”

"This week-end was, for me, a type of male initiation. Only a few decades late, but better late than never! I experienced meditation with other men – there are rare opportunities within our community to experience authentic male spirituality.

"I found myself discovering the joy and the beauty of intimacy, the fulfillment achieved without ejaculation, the reawakening of the spiritual, the desire to share the peace and gratitude."

"A wonderful opening up to the joys of eroticism that can do wonders for your love life."

"A wonderful experience that took me places I had never been and connected me from the heart with this amazing group of men."

"Understanding more about eroticism has given me an entirely new dimension of reality within which to experience my life as well as my future interactions with other men."

"I found the biggest breakthrough for me was the incredibly beautiful feeling to give to other men, and that to have the grace and ease to receive pleasure from any man is an exquisite gift to both."

"I discovered that coming into my power as a man, begins with opening my heart to others and celebrating the sacredness of my body. A deeply profound weekend connecting with other men."

"No other workshop will give the same opportunity to be with your partner, it will bring you even closer together."
Trevor about CBE for Male Couples

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