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What is it to lead an ecstatic life and how do we get there?

Ecstasy: The Oxford dictionary describes it as an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.

An ecstatic life is one that is filled with the joy of living. An appreciation of all that is wondrous and inspiring, and a continual search for what lights us up from the inside out. The juice that fuels our sexual ecstasy is the same juice that fires up our creativity, our joie de vie, our curiosity and adventurous spirit.

Unfortunately many of us are so caught up in the struggles of surviving and making ends meet, that we have lost the ability to slow down, feel this wonder and listen to our heart of hearts. We look outside of ourselves to find happiness. We look to others, to shopping, to food, to entertainment… ever-distracted, rarely feeling the peace, contentment and joy that we know is possible.

Discovering Ecstasy is a one-day, clothes-on workshop where we will look at how to reconnect back into the flow of an ecstatic life. We’ll explore what it is that distracts us, what keeps us absent from getting back in touch with ourselves and our innate knowledge, our self-doubt, and what we can do to guide ourselves back into a better relationship with our bodies and our intuition. Knowing that we can look at how we can use that knowledge as an expression of ourselves and what it would it take to stand unashamed in the world as you express what is true for you?

Join us and journey on a path towards ecstasy. All women are welcome.

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