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This is our flagship experiential weekend workshop. It is a physical, emotional and erotic start to your own journey of self-discovery. The workshop embodies the fundamental principles which shape the understanding by Body Electric of how every person can create relationships of greater intimacy, openness and integrity. Through that, we believe, you can create a richer life for yourself.

Through the power of touch you are given the opportunity to connect profoundly with other participants. We help you to explore your emotional and spiritual being and to connect to your physical and erotic bodies. You learn how to awaken and sustain full-body erotic energy. The result of participating in this workshop is often greater self-acceptance of yourself as an erotic being while enabling you to create a more exciting, aware, compassionate and fulfilling life.

Celebrating the Body Electric is the gateway to our other workshops. Doing this workshop opens up the way to explore your erotic nature further by participating in more advanced work here in Australia or in the United States.

Celebrating the Body Electric is a full residential weekend workshop that lasts from late on a Friday afternoon to late Sunday afternoon. The listed price is all-inclusive of the course, accommodation and all food. Discounts apply for early registration and graduates who repeat the workshop.

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The workshop introduces graduates of CBE to Body Electric’s advanced work.

Dear Love of Comrades begins where Celebrating the Body Electric leaves off. If the CBE workshop had a profound effect on you you may want to attend this bi-annual intensive DLOC workshop.

You will deepen your connection with yourself and others while you continue your journey of discovery and the integration of your physical, emotional, spiritual and erotic self. DLOC will enable you to expand your knowledge and experience of the wisdom of your body through movement, breath work, erotic touch, ritual, heart connection and sharing your life experience.

Do all this while living in community with other men for a full 7 days.

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Power, Surrender and Intimacy (PSI) is a Body Electric Inc. intensive workshop. It is a journey that honours the dynamics of S/M play and its role in expanding self-awareness.

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Please note that by registering, you don't commit to anything.
A facilitator or coordinator will contact you to discuss the work with you.
From there you can go on and decide what you would like to do.

During the course of every year Body Electric Inc. organises through its regional offices events and reunions for graduates in the spirit of its commitment to create a community that celebrates its gifts of erotic energy and diversity. These events are announced through private emails.
CANELLATION: Body Electric reserves the right to cancel any workshop if the numbers of participants required to make it finacially viable are not reached two weeks before the event.
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