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Body Electric is a not-for-profit organisation that conducts experiential personal growth workshops, mostly in retreat setting for people over 18 years old.

Body Electric is dedicated to building an open-hearted community who celebrates its gifts of erotic energy and diversity to create more exciting, aware, compassionate and fulfilling lives through its workshops, supporting events and other courses.

Body Electric is an organisation committed to helping people experience their potential as healers of self and others through touch, conscious breath, and honouring the wisdom of the body.

Body Electric recognises the holistic connections between mind, body, and spirit and offers opportunities to explore those connections in safe and supportive environments.

Body Electric is committed to exploring the healing potential of erotic energy and recognises the body's wisdom as ancient, sacred, playful and profound.

Body Electric is an organisation where all sexual orientations are celebrated and all spiritual paths are honoured.

Body Electric helps people explore their emotional and spiritual beings and to connect to their physical and erotic bodies in an environment that is safe and honouring.

Body Electric teaches our workshop participants how to awaken and sustain full-body erotic energy through the power of touch while connecting profoundly with others so that they can enjoy greater self-acceptance as an erotic being.

Body Electric workshops help create relationships of greater intimacy, openness and integrity, and through that richer lives.

Body Electric workshops are conducted in various centres around Australia. For current dates & cost of workshops, please go HERE and embark on your ownjourney of self-discovery.

Body Electric's flagship weekend experiential workshop is Celebrating the Body Electric, a physical, emotional and erotic start to your own journey and the gateway to any of our other workshops.

To view our Vision and Mission Statement: Click HERE.

Read more about Body Electric workshops HERE.


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